Welcome to SSO and Rapidspell Organization  volunteers and frequently asked questions and answers section. 

If you wish to register as a member of Rapidspell Organization or buy any product listed on Rapidspell.org website or to consult for a spiritual problem to be solved and wish to be guided, there are volunteers near you who can do that for you. Note that they are just  volunteers and may not benefit from you becoming a member or not.
Maybe you do not  want to transact online, that is if you need someone to guide you one on one during registration to become a VIP member or you want to buy any products listed on our website or you want the person to guide you to consult a Senior Master to solve your spiritual problem, you can choose any of the volunteers listed below to help you. Please note that the person is just a guardian and not empowered to answer your questions regarding spiritual matters, riches or wealth, neither can he or she guide you completely free of charge. The volunteer may charge you a little token depending on his or her own discretion for the assistance.

For questions or inquiries not related to membership or consultations  use your own e-mail address and send Email to membership@  rapidspell.org or rapidspells  @ gmail.com or through Text/WhatsApp to +2348104056224

Please only call and concentrate on one person until you become a member.
We do not operate a business center or set up offices for members to come, so they are not customer care reps. They are just good spirited individuals voluntarily willing to guide you to become a member to free you from shackles of spiritual ignorance and poverty in the near future so as to be able to solve all problems that may come your way in life.  So do not call in odd hours or a time not convenient for the person.
 Only call the numbers for guidance on how to become a member and nothing else. The lessons you will receive once you become a member will answer all your questions so they may not provide answers to questions you may ask outside becoming a member or buying products listed on our website. 
This is an international organization and not a business centre; we do not set up “customer care centres” or branches in all countries. All intending members now join through our website www.rapidspell.org or through volunteers listed below by paying a onetime membership application fee of N30, 000 or $200 and subsequent payment of N2000 or $20 monthly due once they become a full member if they are lucky to be approved as VIP member or we refund their money if not approved within 3-7 working days.

Please note that unlike most religions, we have no set activities, meetings or contacts like religious organizations. We are not a congregational religion. The new member comes to the organization, ideally, with his or her own goals and plans for achieving them; he presents them to us and is directed in the way that would be most mutually beneficial. Our Order is not looking for people who join and want us to “throw a party,” taking them by the hand, introducing them to their new friends, telling them what time to show up for the weekly get-together and what to wear and despite having all illuminatic tools and knowledge,  we are not Illuminati members because Illuminati no longer exist despite people false claim that they belong to it.
Sachiel Solution Order  and Rapidspell Organization new members are not put in contact automatically, or by geographical proximity; this has been tried and found a failure. True elitists are by their nature very individualistic and neighboring members won’t necessarily have anything in common; “just being member together” isn’t enough. When we observe members making advances on their own in their chosen fields of endeavor, we will put them in contact with other members running on the same track; we’ve watched this happen many times and we're pleased and proud to say the results are very great. There are also members who are just satisfied simply to join and be counted among the adherents to a philosophy that best embodies their own true nature.

1-Mark- +234906-0180-028. Port-Harcourt- Rivers State

2-Chief Michael –  +23480884466-39 Abuja FCT and Maraba, Nasarawa State
3- Chukwudinobi- Lagos, Lagos state- Request for his  Phone and contact by sending email to membership@ rapidspell.org

4- Adamu +234905-9553-260 New Wuse, Niger State
6-Felix – Asaba Delta State. Request for the Phone by sending email to membership @ rapidspell.org

7-David- +2348065-6111-54 – Warri, Delta State

8-Aisha- Abuja,  FCT- Request for the Phone and contact by sending e-mail to membership@rapidspell.

9-George- +23354010-57-59  Accra, Ghana, West Africa

10-Marcus- The New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, Times Squar, New York City, United States. Request for his Phone and email by sending email to membership@rapidspell.org

11-Joseph- +234703-1005-030 – Ogbia, Bayelsa State

12-Alex- -+23470576-9796-6 Benin City, Edo State

13- Ayotomiwa - Lagos, Lagos state- Request for his  Phone and contact by sending email to membership@rapidspell.org

14- Evelyn +234701-80029-86 --- Arepo, Ogun State.

15- Chirah- Lagos, Lagos state- Request for his  Phone and contact by sending email to membership@rapidspell.org

  16- Other locations not listed send email to membership@rapidspell.org or rapidspells@gmail.com so their contacts will be revealed to you.
Please note that the people listed above are only volunteers to help you register and become a member. Any other question or inquiries you have should be directed to the Lodge Email address membership@rapidspell.org or rapidspells@gmail.com or through Text/WhatsApp to +2348104056224

Note also that you cannot go and meet them for any kind of discussion if your fund for VIP registration, buying of product or consulting a master is not with you as they reserve the right not to attend to you.

Please only discuss with one volunteer close to you which will lead you to become a member of the Order or order a spiritual product from the Order. Do not discuss with more than one person so we know who is vouching for you that you are of good conduct to be accepted as a member.

Apart from volunteers listed above, you can still consult a Senior Master to assist you solve your spiritual problem if you don’t want to become a member to learn how to do the spiritual works yourself by paying a fee the lodge will charge you.


If you work in the media or just an individual that wish to know about our activities our  website www.rapidspell.org and www.sachielsolutionorder.org has been established to provide you with all of the publicly available free material which we currently have to offer. We do not send any additional information via phone or e-mail.
Do not  send us an e-mail with questions before you have spent enough time reading through this FAQ’s below as we will direct you to go back and read it.

We urge our members who are parents or guardians to make it a practice to expose their children to many different religions and philosophies so that they will be free to make their own decisions regarding what path would best suit them. If a minor whose parents are Sachiel Solution Order member has reached a point wherein an informed decision is made to embrace the teaching of our organization as a personal way of life, then that minor may request to be initiated under the sponsorship of the parents or guardian.

Our first websites are  www.rapidspell.org – www.sachielorder.org – www.rapidspell.net- www.rapidspell.com –www.sachielorder.com all are same site with same teaching and same Spiritual power.

If you are legally a minor in your place of residence, you may not join the Sachiel Solution Order unless your parents/legal guardians are already Registered Members, and you seek registration of your own free will.

Please if you are a Christian remember we respect your religious view and belief and we are using this medium to beg you to obey Master Jesus word which says “Do not judge Sachiel Solution Order members, Founders and its affiliates lest you be judged”. By sending email to our founders and members for repentance you are going against Jesus rules and committing a sin which may lead you to the hell in which you believe in.
Jesus clearly stated that you can do more than him and by reading this message alone on the screen you are already doing more than him for Jesus did not have access to electronic gadget but today you are using electronics gadget to view this message.
And remember we obey the golden rule do unto others as you wish them to do unto you; therefore note that we pay “Evil with Evil” Good with Good.” For your own interest Observe the Following Rules so as to be in peace with us: Do not pass false information about the founders or members of Sachiel Solution Order.
Don’t make reference to our organization while preaching in your church or congregation. Don’t expose the identity of any Sachiel Solution Order member or Rapid Spell Organization member without his/her consent. Don’t say or do anything that’s detrimental to the security or success of any of our member or its affiliates. For if you do we may crush you beyond repair. You can apply for membership and we may accept you if we find you worthy. Thank you.


 Please note that apart from our Master 1 Lesson which centres on general mysticism and other philosophies our other teachings from Master 2 Level and above may differ or go contrary to whatever you might have learned from any other mystical organization and other school of thoughts. Therefore if you are not ready to embrace new Ideas, this organization may not be for you. You need not apply.

We have our own unique principles and contents, however since knowledge is not suppose to come from only one source we also gather information’s from outside and quote the source of the knowledge or article.

Is Sachiel Solution Order a Secret Society?
We may not know your definition of “secret” but we only protect our content from none members since is for only those which seek to know beyond the physical. So in the real sense we are not Secret Society as in the one you watch in movies.

Will the SSO Teachings interfere with my religious beliefs?
 We do not require you to change your religious beliefs. We encourage you to remain in your religion to see the difference yourself.


Sachiel Solution Order is not for everyone, but if it is for you, we welcome you. We operate as a club but we are not a fan club, a pen-pal society, or a lonely hearts group. We are a group of dynamic individuals who stand forth as the ultimate underground alternative-the Alien Elite. We realize what we have, what we are, and what we shall become. Our scope is unlimited, and the extent of your involvement is based upon your own potential. We do not rent, sell, provide or share your personal information with any other organizations or individual’s, All information that you provide to us is kept completely confidential, no matter how or why you may provide it, (subscribing, ordering, etc.). It is used only for the purpose(s) that you have intended. Our support staff or any employee(s) with specific and relevant work duties may access subscribers or members contact information only to perform their duties. Any privacy violation and they may be subject to termination.

Do SSO carry out human sacrifice?
We belief in Karma and we practice the golden rule “treat others as you will like them to treat you”. If someone else had used us for money ritual or sacrifice we wouldn’t be alive today to be members of this organization. We urge you to cancel such negative taught so it won’t weigh your spirit down.

Once you become an approved member of our organization you will then been known and addressed as a “Mystic” but not the low level and traditional mystics you see in your community which claim they have knowledge above others in the society because they belong to one Ancient Mystic or Occultic Organization and still live in self pity. Mysticism in the real sense is knowing what others don’t know and be ahead of them. Knowledge without great achievement in life is nothing. In a nutshell this is modern mysticism.

Do you torment members if they leave the organization?.
This is not a secret cult you see in school campuses so in a rare situation where a member may decided to leave we do not persuade or compel a member to remain and since we do not inflict harm on none members or  members the exiting member is as free as bird as he leaves and keep our lessons and materials out of public view.

What happens to my money if my application is not accepted?
We refund you in full within 3-7 working days and you may still have the opportunity to apply in after 3 months.

How many members does the SSO have?
Our great founders established as a policy that we should never give out an exact count of our members as that would allow people to quantify us. They always said that SSO should be like a custard which can’t be nailed to the wall. They felt that if our numbers were judged to be too large, people might find us threatening. If too small, that might be used as a reason to dismiss our view in life. All that we will say is that we have members in just about every continent on the planet, and the membership has always grown as the years pass.

How do I find a local branch or lodge in my country?

Our organization is international and we do not set up offices or branches in all countries. All members now join through our Website or through volunteers.
Contact with other members is not guaranteed. There are plenty of social networking devices where other members may be found, and should you earn their trust and respect through interaction, you might then finally meet in person.

How do I join the Order?

Membership is considered a means of supporting the philosophy of Sachiel Solution Order  so we think that it is important for anyone considering joining to visit our website or contact any of our volunteers.

How old must I be to join Sachiel Solution Order?

If you are legally a minor in your place of residence, you may not join Sachiel Solution Order or Rapidspell Organization unless your parents/legal guardians are already Registered Members, and you seek registration of your own free will.
If you are too young, in the time which remains before you are legally an adult, you certainly can live as an SSO life style, and continue to broaden your knowledge, wisdom, and the application of your talents so that when you may join, you will do so as an accomplished individual who may stand proudly with others of similar excellence.
If you have not already done so, it is also important for you to explore many different religions and philosophies so that you can be reasonably certain that you will have found the one which best suits your nature.

Why is there a Membership Fee?

You don’t have to join our organization to consider yourself an SSO member, you can just register in Rapidspell.org website and live according to the tenets outlined therein.
We don’t ask people to join—that is your prerogative, we simply supply the information that explains how you can become a full member if you so choose to.
A registration fee was established by Lucky D. Bernard (Guru Solution)  himself and is for LIFETIME membership. Many religions charge you a tithe that counts for 10% of your yearly income.
If you are you do not have enough money now, you can save little by little and join when you have saved it up. We’ll still be here, and if it is actually important to you (and one would expect that a spiritual commitment would have some importance), then you can do it. Look to your other possessions and expenses (most people spend far more than this on general entertainment) and we’re certain you can do this if it means something to you to become a member. We do not take installment payments.
We have an international organization with people doing work, corresponding with individuals (stamps, paper, computers, email accounts, etc. are not free). Our administrative staff's time is precious—isn’t yours? We are also not selfish. We’re Mystics, so we expect to be compensated for our time and efforts.
If you disagree, then you don’t have to join us.

Where does my money go when I join?

That is up to the SSO administration  to decide. It will be applied to whatever is most required at the time it is received. If you feel the need to know in more detail, then don’t join.

I have lost my membership card. How can I get a replacement?

Check your lesson 1, there is an e-mail you will see there to enable you contact the lodge for possible replacement after you might have explained to us the circumstance. If a fee is required that will be explained in our response.

If you have further questions you may send mail to membership@rapidspell.org



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    This is a promise

  3. SSO is a spiritual University where you learn about nature and everyday operational laws.


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